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Full House at the Coomera Aussie Blitz

To kick off 2023, we celebrated Australia Day with a blitz tournament on Tuesday Night at Coomera. It was great to see 30 players, including many new faces, young and old, at the club for the first time.

We had the pleasure of welcoming the current CAQ President Shaun Curtis to the club.

It was a special night for junior champ Ryo Noda playing in one of his last tournaments before he heads back to Japan. (Pictured above) I hope he got to enjoy a lamington or two.

We played 10 rounds of 3 mins + 2 secs. The winner of the tournament on countback was Oleg Kitikov with Shaun Curtis sharing the prizemoney with 8.5 points.

Oleg who is turning 74 this year, proves that playing chess regularly keeps your mind active and sharp.


1st Place Oleg Kitikov & Shaun Curtis - 8.5 Points

2nd Place Michael Goodman & Elijah McNamara - 7 points

3rd Place Marek Breedan and Deniz Magden - 6.5 points

Join us on Tuesday Night for the Coomera Summer Night Rapid.

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