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Josh Cooper destroys Shaun Curtis the Coomera October Blitz in Armageddon play off

Josh Cooper wins the the Coomera October Blitz.

After 9 rounds of blitz, both Josh Cooper and Shaun Curtis finished the tournament with 8 Points each at the top of the standings.

Josh Cooper defeated Shaun Curtis in round 6, but dropped his round 3 game against Luka Hart in a tense time scramble.

With points tied at the end of tournament, It was decided that Shaun and Josh play an Armageddon match instead of sharing the prize money.

What is an Armageddon? a single game guaranteed to produce a result, because Black has draw odds (that is, for Black, a draw is equal to a victory). To compensate, White has more time on the clock.

Josh was victorious with black pieces.

The tournament was fun with lots of upsets. Zeke Hu had a great tournament scoring wins against higher rated opponents Ben and Eden and draw with Rocky. Lyndon also performed well above his rating.

Special mention goes to new player Thomas Brady with 6.5 points overall.

Coomera October Blitz Final Standings.

Coomera October Blitz Crosstable

Rating Change

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