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Jeremy and Oleg Claim the Burleigh Steiner Cup

Both finishing undefeated on 6.5/7 and drawing each other, Jeremy Renkin and Oleg Kitikov won equal first place ($200 each) at Friday's final round of the Burleigh Steiner Cup. Peter Lucas claimed 3rd place with his 5/7 performance. A few juniors won their final rounds to claim rating prizes as well with Rentaro, Justin and Josh all taking home a prize. New comer Russ had an excellent first tournament winning the Unrated prize with 4.5 and playing on Board 1 in the final round.

Next week is the final event of 2022 the Burleigh Banter Blitz Night - join in with a friend for a great night of blitz chess! Register at:

Prize Winners


Eq 1st Jeremy Renkin 6.5/7 $200

Eq 1st Oleg Kitikov 6.5/7 $200

3rd Peter Lucas 5/7 $100

Rating A

Eq 1st Rentaro Inukai 4/7 $50

Eq 1st Mathew Smith 4/7 $50

Rating B

Eq 1st Joshua Ong 4.5/7 $50

Eq 1st Justin Tong 4.5/7 $50

Rating C

1st Russell Reed 4.5/7 $100

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