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Joel Leong takes out the Coomera Summer Swiss

Some of Queensland's best up-and-coming juniors assembled for the Coomera Summer Swiss. The field included some of the young rising stars of QLD chess, Micah Young, Joel Leong, and Benjamin Leong. They were also joined by strong gold coast juniors Joshua Cooper, Luka Hart and Luke Hu.

There was also a strong group of adults including Oleg Kitikov, Orsen Van Der Byl and new club members Harold Perry and Russell Reed.

The tournament was won by Joel Leong with 5/6 points., with Josh Cooper defeating Joel in an upset in Round 4. It has already been an incredible year for Joel, with his 2nd major tournament win after coming equal first place in the QLD Reserves (Tin Cup) last month.

Second Place was awarded to Benjamin Leong who joined the tournament in Round 3 with byes in Rounds 1 and 2.

Russell Reed was awarded first place in Rating group B.

Vilem Fichna was first in rating group B.

Join us next Tuesday for the Coomera No Castling Rapid (unrated).

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Matt Smith
Matt Smith
Mar 18, 2023

Well done to all the prize winners and participants. Looks like the year of the Leongs!! Well deserved.

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