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Junior Battle on the Top Boards at the Coomera Combo

On Tuesday Night we had a fun event called the Coomera Combo, where rapid and blitz was played over 8 rounds.

The first 3 rounds were Rapid [10 Min+ 2 secs], followed by 5 rounds of blitz [3 Min+ 2 secs].

The event attracted a strong field of players, including club members Micah Young and Ben Leong who are the current joint 2023 QLD U18 Champions. (along with Oliver Howard-Mowat -not present).

A special welcome to 12-year-old Oscar William who was visiting the club for the first time all the way from Florida, USA. He has a USCF rating of over 2000.

Round 4 Blitz - Board 1: Oscar V Joel

There were lots of tough competitive games and upsets with four players finishing on top with 6 points. Congratulations to the winners, Oscar, Josh, Micah and Joel.

Pretty impressive that all of these players range between 12 and 13 years old.

Josh Cooper had an excellent tournament with a round 2 upset against Oscar, and a round 3 upset against Micah in the rapid rounds, only losing against both Leong brothers in the blitz.

There were 5 players on 5 points heading in the last round, with a blitz battle between Micah and Ben Leong on Board 1. Micah managed to get the win.

Final Standings after 8 Rounds


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