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Luka Hart is crowned King of the Mountain

Gold Coast Junior, Luka Hart was crowned King of the Mountain after completing the Blitz, Rapid, and Classical Rounds.

Luka played newcomer Steve Quick in the last round of the Classical tournament. Steve had the opportunity to join Luka as the joint winner if he won. Unfortunately for Steve, he blundered his queen late in the game.

Shaun Curtis led the Coomera King of the Mountain tournament after the Blitz and Rapid tournaments. Due to Basketball commitments, Shaun was unable to play some of the remaining classical rounds.

The Coomera King of the Mountain is a unique combination tournament to find out who the "King" over 3 different time controls;

Blitz (3 Min +2 secs), Rapid (10 Min + 2 Secs) and Classical (60 Min + 10 Secs.)

Prizes are awarded based on combined points from all 3 events.

10 Round Blitz Event - win = 1 point, draw = 1/2 point --> 10 points on Offer

5 Round Rapid Event - Win = 2 points, draw = 1 point --> 10 Points on Offer

5 Round Classical Event - Win = 3 points, draw = 1.5 point --> 15 Points on Offer

The 2022 tournament was won by Mars Qi.

Day 1 was the Blitz tournament with Shaun Curtis winning all 10 rounds.

Day 2 was the Rapid tournament with Shaun Curtis winning with 4.5 points, only dropping half a point against Josh Cooper.

Total Points (Blitz and Rapid Combined)

The Blitz and Rapid Rounds have been completed, next Tuesday we begin the classical rounds.

King of the Mountain Classical

The Classical Tournament was won by Oleg Kitkitov with a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Total Points (Blitz+ Rapid + Classical)


King of the Mountain 1st Place: Luka Hart - $200

King of the Mountain 2nd Place : Steve Quick $125

King of the Mountain 3rd Place: (Equal) Shaun Curtis, Vilem Fichna $37.50 Each

King of the Mountain Rating group A - (Equal) Summer Wang, Keenan K $37.50 Each

King of the Mountain Classical winner - Oleg Kitikov - $75

Thank you to Shaun Curtis has generously donated his prize money back to the club.

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