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Opening night blitz setting the stage for a brilliant year of chess

The Gold Coast Chess Club recently held its first tournament of the year and it was a blast! The 9-round blitz tournament brought out a mix of players, ranging from beginner to experienced, who were all excited to test their skills against each other.

The tournament was filled with a fun and friendly energy that made it a great experience for everyone involved. Players of all levels were able to learn from one another and even the most seasoned chess players were impressed by the clever tactics and strategies used by the amateurs.

Byron Morris and the CAQ President Shaun Curtis tied for first place, while second place was split among Marek Breeden, Orsen Van Der Byl, Steven Cooke, and Liam Ryan. The tournament was a great opportunity for players to improve their skills and make new friends. If you're looking for a welcoming and fun chess community, the Gold Coast Chess Club is the perfect place for you to come and try it out!

You can find all the games played on the top 4 boards on lichess!

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