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Shaun Curtis leads the King of the Mountain Tournament

Shaun Curtis currently leads the Coomera King of the Mountain tournament.

The Coomera King of the Mountain is a unique combination tournament to find out who the "King" over 3 different time controls;

Blitz (3 Min +2 secs), Rapid (10 Min + 2 Secs) and Classical (60 Min + 10 Secs.)

Prizes are awarded based on combined points from all 3 events.

10 Round Blitz Event - win = 1 point, draw = 1/2 point --> 10 points on Offer

5 Round Rapid Event - Win = 2 points, draw = 1 point --> 10 Points on Offer

5 Round Classical Event - Win = 3 points, draw = 1.5 point --> 15 Points on Offer

The 2022 tournament was won by Mars Qi, who will win 2023?

Day 1 was the Blitz tournament with Shaun Curtis winning all 10 rounds.

Day 2 was the Rapid tournament with Shaun Curtis winning with 4.5 points, only dropping half a point against Josh Cooper.

Total Points (Blitz and Rapid Combined)

The Blitz and Rapid Rounds have been completed, next Tuesday we begin the classical rounds.

Five rounds of the classical tournament are still to be played. (15 points on offer)

Players can still join if they wish to play in the classical tournament starting Tuesday, 23 May. (discounted rate)

To register for the classical tournament:

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