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Two at the Top Take the Prizes - Adam Vagg and Steven Quick Win the Burleigh Autumn Cup

After loosing round 1 to Ben Skinner, Steven Quick managed to win all remaining games to finish in equal first with Adam Vagg on 6/7 and take home $200 each. Marek finished in 3rd on 5.5/7 losing only his final round game with Steven. This is the first time in recent memory that an unrated player has won first place in a classical event at the GCCC however Steven has had a long history of playing chess outside of rated events.

Board 1 - Round 7 - Steven Quick v Marek Breeden 1-0 and 1st Place

Board 2 - Tristan Smith v Adam Vagg 0-1 and 1st Place

Congratulations to all prize winners!

Eq 1st - Adam Vagg 6/7 - $200

Eq 1st - Steven Quick 6/7 - $200

3rd - Marek Breeden 5.5/7 - $100

Rating A U1300

Oscar Credland-Ballantyne, Tristan Smith, Kotaro and Rentaro Inukai 4/7 - $25 each

Rating B U1000

Jonah Menzies 4.5/7 - $100


Ryan Hendrie 3/7 - $100

Winners are grinners - well done lads!

Next week in Burleigh Heads June 23rd, will be a great one night event - Rapid and Blitz chess in the one night followed by the Burleigh June Blitz Night on June 30th the week after.

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