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Gold Coast Individual Age Championship 2023

Author: Josh Cooper (Junior Club Coach/Arbiter)

On the 25th of October Emmanuel College hosted the Gold Coast Age

Championships, run by Gardiner Chess. This tournament attracted over 800

kids and many schools competing. The Tournament consisted of different age

groups based on the year they were born from 2006 all the way to 2017.

29 Gold Coast Chess Club members were involved in the Gold Coast Age

Championships and every player did a great job. All players showed great

sportsmanship and worked hard over the 7 rounds of chess.

Congratulations to Ryan Wang, Ezekiel George, and Nathanael George who

competed in their first big tournament.

Big congratulations to all players who received a medal and Merrit ribbon and

great job to everyone who participated in the event. It was a very tough

tournament, so everyone deserves recognition as everyone played well.

Gold Coast Chess Club Members Results:


2nd Place Alexander Feldblyum 5/7

3rd Place Eden Skinner 3rd 5/7

Merrit Ribbon - Morgan Lawson 4.5/7


Gold Coast Individual Age Champion - Tristan Smith 7/7


2nd Place - Summer Wang 6/7



Gold Coast Individual Age Champion - Micah Young 7/7

2nd Place Kotaro Inukai 6/7

3rd Place Oscar Credland-Ballantyne 5/7

Merrit Ribbon - Ryo Cowland-Cooper 5/7

Luke Hu 4.5/7


3rd Place - Luka Hart 6/7

Merrit Ribbon - Rocky Liu 6/7

Noah Sipaea 5.5/7

Dejun Sun 5/7

Benjamin West 5/7


Gold Coast Individual Age Champion - Rentaro Inukai 7/7

Merrit Ribbon - Lyndon Cerfonteyn 4.5/7


Gold Coast Individual Age Champion - Justin Tong 7/7

2nd Place - Max Tong 6.5/7

3rd Place - Ren Cowland-Cooper 6/7

Merrit Ribbon - Ezekiel George 6/7

Caleb Ong 5.5/7

Zia Hart 4.5/7


2nd Place - Jackson Sun 6/7

Merrit Ribbon - Zeke Hu 6/7


Merrit Ribbon - Zac Lee 5.5/7


2nd Place - Ryan Wang 6/7

Merrit Ribbon - Nathanael George 5.5/7


Gold Coast Individual Age Champion - Isaac Ong 7/7

Again, well done to all the players that participated. Keep working hard on

your chess and look forward to seeing you at our junior chess club events.

Full results are available on the Gardiner Chess website

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